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Bournemouth University - BU Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Bournemouth University
BU Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship

General Description

Applicants who are applying to Bournemouth University through a BTEC qualification can get a BU Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship if their academic performance is above or equal to the entry requirements established by the university. The first-year tuition fee waiver that is granted under the scholarship programme is valued at £9,000. It cannot be renewed.


Bournemouth University only assesses applications from interested students who have the necessary academic qualifications and who are applying to an undergraduate course at the University. The course they decide to apply to must not be funded by the NHS. Additionally, it will be necessary to provide supporting documentation regarding the student’s BTEC qualification. Financial need is not assessed when deciding on the best applicant for this scholarship. However, the applicant cannot receive any other type of scholarship from Bournemouth University.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: