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Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust - SCAST (Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust)

General information on this scholarship

Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust
SCAST (Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust)

General Description

The Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust (SCAST) is committed to help students struggle with finances during their course. The financial support is awarded to students in difficult financial circumstances during the course of their programme of study. It has no specific amount. The amount is based on the request and must be supported by the evidence in the application. Applications may be made at any time of the year and will be processed as quickly as practicable by the Trustees.


The support will be awarded based on the educational performance, the need for financial assistance, the applicant’s family circumstances and personal health, and the amount requested. For undergraduates, the trustees will include 9-months expenditure in the year; as they assume that the remaining 3-months can be used for generating, or trying to generate income. Application letter must be supported with supporting documents such as a letter that explains the financial circumstances or a reference letter. The writer of any letter of support should be aware that we will make contact with them.

In order to be eligible to apply for this award, applicants must have attended one of the contributing schools; must have reached the age of 18, and be younger than 30, on the date that the award would be due to be paid; must have elapsed six years from the date when they first attended the school; and must be registered with and attending a recognised tertiary educational establishment.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply:
any time