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Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD) is the world's largest funding agency for the international exchange of students and scientists. Currently it offers 29 scholarships for students and postgraduates from United Kingdom. Postgraduates of all disciplines can apply to this program to be offered as a full MBA degree program. Applicants with an economics degree must strive proven the desired MBA program to the recognition of their academic achievements. Scholarships for research are usually awarded in connection with a promotion in the context of doctoral fellowships or in postdoctoral program. Depending on the chosen discipline, scholarship could be valued up to 597 EUR per month.


The scholarships offered by DAAD are available for all students and postgraduates of all scientific and artistic disciplines available. Age limits do not exist, unless they are explicitly defined by the receiving institutions or foreign partners. Because of the general purpose of the available public funds, however, only these candidates are to be taken into account, which still have the majority of their professional activity going on. In addition, an examination of a given reference and whether the promotion of a foreigner or the foreigner conducive with a scholarship and cultural policy is to represent will be neccessary; in any case there must be a reasonable expectation that the candidate returns to Germany after the end of the temporary stay abroad.

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