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National Scholarship Programme (NSP), University of Leeds   - Leeds Financial Support (LFS)

General information on this scholarship

National Scholarship Programme (NSP), University of Leeds  
Leeds Financial Support (LFS)

General Description

If you are an undergraduate student, the University of Leeds offers the possibility to become part of the National Scholarship Programme. Students can get £ 3,000 and some of them, if they prove to be the very best, even more. Successful applicants can choose the way they want to receive the scholarship: as a cash bursary, as a cash discount for fees, or for accommodation. The awarded amount varies depending on the student. It comes down to the household income of the applicant. The highest awarded amount is given to students whose household income is £ 25,000 or less. They get £ 3,000 for the first year and £2,500 for the remaining years of their study. The lowest awarded is £1,000 in year one and £ 500 for the second and third years. This award is paid to students whose household income ranges from £36,000 to £42,000.


Students from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or the EU can apply. Their income will be assessed by Student Finance England. They need to be full-time undergraduate degree students who pay full tuition fees. EU students will be able to receive the tuition fee waiver only. Students who already have a degree can apply under different conditions. Part-time students receive pro-rata amounts. NHS funded students, students from Wales who are in receipt of the Welsh Assembly Tuition Fee Grant, students who spend a year abroad, students who work abroad, medicine and dentistry students, and healthcare students, are not eligible to apply. When a student applies for this scholarship, the university automatically starts assessing if the applicant is eligible for other scholarships.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.