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Northumbria University - Academic Scholarship for Singapore, Asia

General information on this scholarship

Northumbria University
Academic Scholarship for Singapore, Asia

General Description

Many students from Singapore study at Northumbria University. They are enrolled in such programmes as Biomedical Science, Design, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Fashion, Geography, International Business Management, Nursing Science, Psychology, Sport Management, Travel and Tourism Management and others. As international students, they have an opportunity of being awarded an International Academic Scholarship. This scholarship is meant to reward students with exceptional academic achievements. The scholarship depends on a few factors, such as overall grades, individual subject grades, the level of qualifications and the type of institution where they studied. The sum of a scholarship is £2,000 or £1,500.


To be eligible for the International Academic Scholarship, students from Singapore must have an overseas fee status. Only self-founding students are eligible for this scholarship. Full-time course students may apply.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.