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General information on this scholarship

Centre for Complexity Science
MSc and PhD Scholarships and Funding Opportunities
Other limitation: 
you will have been ordinarily resident (includes for study) in the UK for the three years immediately preceding when you would start with us

General Description

This will be a limited EPSRC scholarships for Masteral and Doctorate degrees for UK students. Scholars will enjoy tuition fee coverage and maintenance grant of £14,000 (subject for approval from the UK funding institution).


UK and European Union students can apply if they are a UK resident for 3 years prior to application and with substantial reference within UK. Applicants must allow some time for processing their applications and for EU students EPSRC funding only covers the following: fees, entry, maintenance allowance for 1 studentship/year for those with outstanding academic performance.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.