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Applied Linguistics (Centre for) - PhD Research Studentship, 'Analysis of (academic) discourse in the SSH'

General information on this scholarship

Applied Linguistics (Centre for)
PhD Research Studentship, 'Analysis of (academic) discourse in the SSH'
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All countries are eligible

General Description

The Centre For Applied Linguistics at the Warwick university pays for academic fees in this PHD scholarship. Stipend is made available by the French partner institution CEMS/EHES in Paris. This is available to fund a PHD student to perform research. This research must be in the domain of the Social Sciences and Humanities Studies and should focus on the discursive and social dynamics among researchers in the Social Studies and Humanities (except economics) in the English-speaking and possibly French- or German-speaking worlds.


The PhD project must be on one of the domains of the DISCONEX project under the supervision of Johannes Angermuller. In addition, the student needs to separately apply online for a PhD study to PG Admissions. Furthermore, candidates should have a Master's degree (or equivalent), obtained before September. This may for instance be in discourse analysis, pragmatics or linguistics. Applications from Master degree holders from adjacent backgrounds such as qualitative social research, communication, Science and Technology Studies and / or sociology of science may also be considered.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: