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Centre for Education Studies - PhD Research Studentship, 'Analysis of (academic) discourse in the SSH'

General information on this scholarship

Centre for Education Studies
PhD Research Studentship, 'Analysis of (academic) discourse in the SSH'

General Description

The CEDAR CEREBRA collaborative studentship is available to PHD students. This is to enable them to perform research in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, including autism. The students must collaborate with Cerebra throughout the study. Cerebra is also the funding institution for these studentships. The research must focus on, and use data obtained by, the Cerebra 1000 study. This studentship will cover academic fees and stipend. Stipend has different eligibility criteria however, so it's some students may only receive a fees-only award.


To be eligible to the scholarship, a student must hold a relevant MPhil or PHD. In order to qualify for stipend, the student must meet residential criteria. These are: The student must have been ordinarily resident in the UK for at least three years and this must not have been solely for educational purposes (unless the student is a EU national). Furthermore, the student must have permission to reside permanently in the UK.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: