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University of South Wales - Centenary Undergraduate Bursary

General information on this scholarship

University of South Wales
Centenary Undergraduate Bursary
Other limitation: 
apply to the University of South Wales via UCAS by 15th January 2014apply for the Centenary Bursary by 25th April 2014accept our conditional or unconditional offer of a place on a firm basis by 7th May 2014be personally liable* to pay the full UK home rate tuition fee as applicable to your course

General Description

The University of South Wales offers the Centenary Undergraduate Bursary, worth £1500 and intended to assist with living costs enabling more students to live in University accommodation.


This bursary is intended for students of the University of South Wales starting a full-time honours programme and who have had to relocate in order to attend their course. Applicants must be responsible for full tuition fees.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: