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British Council - Entente Cordiale scholarships

General information on this scholarship

British Council
Entente Cordiale scholarships
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General Description

The Entente Cordiale scholarships have a maximum value of 10,000 Pound Sterling. This money is donated by the private sector. The goal is to fund one year of postgraduate study in France (for British students) or Britain (for French students). The bigger goal of the project is to improve the French-British relationship. The funds are paid directly to the student and may be used for tuition fees and maintenance.


In order to be eligible, students must display excellent presentation and communication skills in English and French. Also they must show evidence of motivation and initiative. In addition students must have clear professional ambitions with ability to innovate in their respective field. Furthermore, students must be able to cope with problems and take responsibility. Besides that, willingness to participate and contribute to an alumni network is important. Having an ability to reinforce and develop Franco-British links in your sector is also essential for eligibility.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: