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Vicky Noon Educational Foundation - Vicky Noon Educational Foundation Oxford Scholarships

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Vicky Noon Educational Foundation
Vicky Noon Educational Foundation Oxford Scholarships

General Description

Pakistani students have the capability to receive funding for their education through the Vicky Noon Educational Fund. The limits to which financial assistance can be obtained vary greatly. Some recipients get funding in the form of a partial award and receive up to £3000. Other applicants are able to have their tuition completely covered and some even receive additional funds which can be put towards living expenses.


Eligibility for the Vicky Noon Educational Fund is based on quite a few factors. Applicants must have been raised in Pakistan and attended lower school as well as higher educational institutions in Pakistan for a minimum of 12 years. Additionally, viable candidates should not have been a part of a study abroad programme or have studied outside of Pakistan. Furthermore, when determining the recipients financial needs, academic credentials and the level of spoken and written English are taken into consideration.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: