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Palgrave Brown Bursary Fund - Palgrave Brown UK Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Palgrave Brown Bursary Fund
Palgrave Brown UK Scholarship

General Description

Brought into existence by the Palgrave Brown Bursary Fund, the Palgrave Brown UK Scholarship offers financial assistance to Norfolk and Suffolk students wishing to attend Oxford University. This is done via a grant of £5,000 which the recipient is able to use for living costs as well as other costs related to their studies. Applications need to be submitted by October 15th in order to have a chance of receiving the Palgrave Brown UK Scholarship.


There are many factors that weigh in when determining the eligibility of an applicant. These include the applicant’s academic records, being a resident of Norfolk or Suffolk, having studied in Norfolk or Suffolk and income level. Upon receiving the scholarship, the student is required to submit a report of their progress in regards to academic achievements.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: