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E3 Academy
E3 Academy Scholarship

General Description

The University of Nottingham offers the Electrical Energy Engineering Academy Scholarship (E3 Academy Scholarship), sponsored by Academy participating companies. Grantees will benefit from a bursary of £2500 for each year of study as well as an 8 week long summer vacation internship paid at a rate of £1250 per month. Additionally, a total of one third of the university fees incurred by the scholar during their sponsorship, to the maximum of £6000, will be paid. Payment will be made in 2 equal instalments at the end of the scholar's 1st and 2nd years of graduate employment with their sponsoring company.


Applicants must be studying a MEng or BEng Degree in Electrical and Electrical Engineering or a degree with an Electrical component at the University of Nottingham, having achieved a high level of academic performance so far. E3 Academy scholars are expected to be ambassadors for the Academy, the company providing sponsorship and the university at which they are studying, to maintain a high level of academic progress at university, to assist in the promotion and marketing of the Academy, to attend any seminars, meetings etc., as organised by the Academy, and to participate in the vacation training organised by the sponsoring company. Candidates must be EU citizens or have the right to permanently work in the UK.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: