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University of Leicester - Philharmonia Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

University of Leicester
Philharmonia Scholarship

General Description

The University of Leicester offers the Philharmonia Scholarship with the aim of supporting students wishing to pursue their musical activities whilst at the University of Leicester. The scholarship is awarded for one year. The scholarship . This scholarship, valued at £500 and initially awarded for one year, can be extended on the basis of the performance of grantees.


This scholarship is open to students enrolled at the University of Leicester. Successful scholars are usually the equivalent of Grade 6 or above; however, decisions are not made on performance standard alone. The following will also be taken into account: Commitment to regular lessons and to practice, enthusiasm for participation in a University music society, willingness to perform and to engage with an audience, readiness to be prepared for additional learning opportunities, ability to be an ambassador for music at Embrace Arts.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: