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The Robert Nicol Trust - The Robert Nicol Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

The Robert Nicol Trust
The Robert Nicol Scholarship
Other limitation: 
Candidates must be born in the city or county of Aberdeen. It is also possible to receive the fund, when foreigners reside in Aberdeen for more than five years.

General Description

The Robert Nicol Trust offers the Robert Nicol Scholarship to support students from or based in the Aberdeen region who are undertaking courses of one kind or another at the post-school level.


Candidates must have been born in the City or in the County of Aberdeen, or in the case of those born elsewhere must have continuously resided in the City or in the County of Aberdeen for a period of not less than five years immediately before the dates of their application. Candidates must submit a written statement of the course of study or research proposed. In any case study shall be carried on in such places and institutions and under such tuition or supervision as the Trustees shall approve. While the Trustees will normally expect an Applicant to be registered with or intending to register with a recognised establishment in the North-east of Scotland, they recognise that circumstances may make it necessary for study to be conducted outwith the region and will accordingly consider proposals which envisage this. Scholarships may be awarded for part time courses.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.