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Complutense University of Madrid - Extraordinary Grants for students of the UCM Programme

General information on this scholarship

Complutense University of Madrid
Extraordinary Grants for students of the UCM Programme
Other limitation: 
Must prove residence in Spain

General Description

The Complutense University of Madrid offers Extraordinary Grants which aims to facilitate the access and permanence to the official studies offered by the UCM for those students that their economic, family or social situation can decisively influence the continuation of their studies. Value: a maximum of EUR 1,500 per student.


Applicants must have the Spanish or any European Union country nationality or from third countries and are residents of Spain. Have to be registered at the UCM in the current academic course for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a good academic record. Also they must be facing an economical need that hinders them to continue their studies. Also they have to demonstrate that are not receiving any other scholarship or grant.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: