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Irish Research Council - IRC Employment Based Postgraduate Programme

General information on this scholarship

Irish Research Council
IRC Employment Based Postgraduate Programme

General Description

The Irish Research Council Employment Based Postgraduate Programme assists qualified applicants who have an agreement with an Irish-based company in the private or public sector to develop research on topics in a company’s interests. Students at NUI Maynooth remain enrolled at the university during the research-employment programme. The programme is extended to SPIN-OUTs, SMEs, SPIN-INs HPSUs, and MNCs that are interested in securing the research skills of talented students enrolled in PhD or Research Masters programmes. The benefits of the programme are highlighted in the simultaneous employment and enrolment of students. Both NUI Maynooth and the organisation selected by the student act as co-sponsors to develop research content around the specific topics.


It is mandatory that students identify and secure employment with a company that will employ them and act as a co-funder during the research programme. Applicants must also be enrolled in a one or two year Research Masters programme or a three or four year PhD programme.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.