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National University Of Ireland
Travelling Studentships
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All countries are eligible

General Description

The Travelling Studentship Scheme is part of an initiative of the National University of Ireland to encourage students to undertake graduate research. Recipients receive €64,000 over four years, with €16,000 being allocated each year. Six successful applicants are chosen from Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences courses to benefit from the award. The courses that are taken into consideration include Food and Science Technology; Mathematics; Business and Law; Mathematical Physics; Medicine and Dentistry; Agricultural Science; Engineering; Veterinary Medicine; Statistics; and Architecture. It should be noted that all disciplines from the Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences courses are eligible.


The value of the award may differ if the student also receives funding from other sources. Applicants must be enrolled in research studies abroad or, if they choose to conduct their graduate studies at NUI, considerable travel must be involved. Only candidates on specific Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences courses are considered. Applicants must have a first class honours degree at the bachelor or master’s level in general, in research or as a subject specialisation. A second class master’s research degree is only applicable to students who have studied MB BCh BAO and BDS. All potential applicants must be graduates from higher education institutions that are linked to NUI.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: