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National University Of Ireland, Galway - NUI Galway “Performance Points” Sports Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

National University Of Ireland, Galway
NUI Galway “Performance Points” Sports Scholarship

General Description

The NUI Galway Performance Points Sports Scholarship is open to new full-time undergraduate students. It is for students who have at least 350 CAO points or students who are active athletes and have a strong academic background in six subjects on their Leaving Certificates. The scholarship is sponsored by NUI Galway and cannot be deferred. Some courses require more than 350 CAO points and these have a restricted amount of scholarships. It is made up of monetary and non-monetary benefits that meet the needs of athletes without compromising their academic performance. A subsistence grant and relevant professional guidance and coaching are part of the package.


Athletes who intend to apply to the programme must show exceptional talent in their sport and meet the requirements for course entry.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: