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Dublin Business School - The International Student Referral Scheme

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Dublin Business School
The International Student Referral Scheme

General Description

The International Student Referral Scheme is promoted through the Dublin Business School. Its objective is encourage people to refer non-EU students to the school. Applicants must have paid their non-EU tuition in full and be enrolled in a full-time programme with a course duration of one year of more. The amount of the award depends on the geographical location of the potential student. For non-EU students who are within Ireland and have been successfully admitted to the school, the amount is €500. The referrer of overseas students is paid €300.


Only non-EU students enrolled at Dublin Business School and who have paid their tuition in full are considered. Applicants must legally reside in Ireland. They can be referred by friends, colleagues or family members. Only programmes that are within the upcoming academic intake are considered, and the award cannot be deferred.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.