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Dublin Institute of Technology - DIT Fiosraigh Scholarship Programme

General information on this scholarship

Dublin Institute of Technology
DIT Fiosraigh Scholarship Programme

General Requirements

As part of its Fiosraigh International Scholarship programme, Dublin Institute of technology offers two schemes: the Fiosraigh Dean of Graduate Research Students Award and the Fiosraigh Fee and Materials Support Scheme. The first scheme awards outstanding students doing researches in the following fields: Environment, Energy & Health Information, Communications and Media Technologies, New Materials and Devices, Society, Culture and Enterprise. The second scheme aims to support EU and non-EU postgraduateresearch students for a PhD programme and offers up to €9,000 financial aid.


The deadline for both schemes of the Fiosraigh International Scholarship programme is by 12 noon (GMT) December 15th. Applications must be sent by email in PDF format. In order to be eligible, students must be registered for a PhD programme. They must also have the support of their supervisor.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: