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The Pontifical Academy of Theology (Poland) - PhD Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

The Pontifical Academy of Theology (Poland)
PhD Scholarship

General Description

The Pope University of John Paul II offers scholarships to its PhD’s. The PhD is free to use the money in any way they see fit. It is granted every month for 9 months. PhD students can apply for the scholarship regardless of their year of education, however the requirements vary between the first year and the remaining ones.


For PhD’s on their first year of education, it is required that they have very good results from the recruitation process as well as the average grade of 4,50 or higher.

The PhD’s who have already passed their first year of education, the requirements are: having good or very good exam results; having shown progress on their scientific work and dissertation; having shown exceptional commitment to the didactic work on the University.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: