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Jan Kochanowski University (Poland) - Rector's Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Jan Kochanowski University (Poland)
Rector's Scholarship

General Description

Dean’s Scholarship for best students is awarded to the high-achieving students with high grade point averages or other scientific, artistic or sports achievements.


The scholarship is awarded to students who completed their academic year by September 30th. They must have also received a high grade point average or other international or national achievements in the sciences, arts or sports. High grade point average is an average not lower than 4.5 based on the three degree scale. In the scale, the first degree is 5.0, the second degree is 4.80 – 4.99 and the third degree is 4.50 – 4.79. Scientific achievements are verified and evaluated by the Director of the given Institute or Department according to a three level scale. Artistic achievements are verified and evaluated by the director of the given Institute or Department. Artistic achievement being a direct outcome of the studies is not subject to verification and evaluation. International and national achievements in the sports are verified and evaluated by the director of the Physical Education Studies. They are evaluated based on the three level scale. First year second degree students who completed their first degree studies at a different institution must submit appropriate grade point average certificate. They must also submit all relevant scientific, artistic and sports achievements certificates for at least one academic year.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: