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ICT - Institute of Chemical Technology (Prague/Czech Republic) - Social scholarship

General information on this scholarship

ICT - Institute of Chemical Technology (Prague/Czech Republic)
Social scholarship

General Description

The Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Czech Republic provides Social Scholarships in order to financially assist its students who are suffering from personal and financial hardships. University students who are eligible for government social benefits and the child benefit are also able to receive these scholarships. Scholarships are distributed in the form of a 1620 CZK monthly stipend. The stipend is paid for each month in which the student is eligible for social assistance.


Social Scholarships are available to any student who is currently enrolled at the Institute for Chemical Technology in either an undergraduate or postgraduate program. In order to qualify, applicants must submit a request to the dean which includes a statement from the appropriate government authority that the student is of a sufficiently low economic level to be eligible to receive social benefits.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: