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Emil Votoček Fund - Distinction scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Emil Votoček Fund
Distinction scholarship

General Description

The Emil Votoček Fund offers students studying at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Czech Republic the opportunity to receive a variety of different scholarships. These scholarships are intended to assist students in pursuing postgraduate degrees, hands-on educational experience, as well as professional training.

Distinction scholarships are awarded as cash stipends. Stipends for academic achievement take the form of one-time payments from 500 to 2000 CZK. Stipends for those students who achieved success in secondary school competitions consist of two payments totalling 10,000 CZK. Stipends are also available to students who wish to travel to international conferences or take relevant internships. The amounts for these stipends are determined according to the specific circumstances.


Academic achievement awards are granted to first-year Institute of Chemical Technology students who achieve grade-point averages of 1.5 or above in their first semester of school. Those students who finished in the top three in the Chemistry section of the national Czech Secondary School Olympiad and who choose to attend the Institute of Chemical Technology are eligible to receive the 10,000 CZK awards. Other scholarships are granted at the discretion of the dean and the executors of the fund.

Application deadlines

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