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Botín Foundation - Scholarships for University Studies

General information on this scholarship

Botín Foundation
Scholarships for University Studies
Eligible countries: 
Other limitation: 
People from Cantabria and surrounding areas

General Description

The Scholarships for University Studies are sponsored by the Botín Foundation. The scholarships are meant to support talented students. The scholarship lasts for a year, but can be renewed each year until the student completes the study.


Applicants must study at the University of Cantabria. Or, they can be students of other universities in case their course is not available at the University of Cantabria. Applicants should be from Cantabria. Or, they must have been residents of Cantabria during the previous 5 consecutive years. Students should not be older than 25. Nor, should they already have a degree. Successful applicants are not allowed to receive other scholarships simultaneously.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: