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Autonomous Community of Navarra - General Directorate of Agriculture Training Scholarships

General information on this scholarship

Autonomous Community of Navarra
General Directorate of Agriculture Training Scholarships
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place of main residence: Autonomous Community of Navarra, Spain

General Description

The Autonomous Community of Navarra is offering 5 training scholarships in different management units of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Government for postgraduate students. 2 Scholarships are to conduct studies related to the production and plant health, plant protection and other agricultural products, and related administrative controls in Pamplona. 3 Scholarships to conduct studies on viticulture experimentation, selection and advice in Olite, Navarra. Length of stay: 12 months, but can be renewed other 12 months with maximum of 3 years. Value: 900 € per month plus 35 € as social security.


Applicants must be over age, with the Spain nationality or from any other EU country and have been residing in Navarra for the last 12 months prior to this call; have full domain of the Spanish language; have a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineer or Agricultural Technical Engineer, having received his degree at least 3 years prior to this call.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: