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University of Valladolid - Social Emergency Grants

General information on this scholarship

University of Valladolid
Social Emergency Grants

General Description

The University of Valladolid is offering different types of Social Emergency Grants to help alleviate the economic and social emergency circumstances that prevent or hinder studies, aimed at those who have been denied the grant of the General Scheme of the Ministry of Education or other public study grants, as well as various social situations that may have an impact on academic performance. Type 1: Social emergency economic help: for students of UVa in a precarious social and economic situation. Value: partial or full payment of tuition cost. Type 2: Economic help for students with severe disabilities, for students that given their disabilities need the assistance to perform normally their academic activities, or need a special means of transportation. Type 3: Day-care or Infant education help. As a complement of the daycare or infant school expenses of the student’s children (4 to 36 months). Also there is a special subsistence help for students in precarious economic situation.


Applicants must enrolled in any Undergraduate or Master lever academic discipline at the UVa and have a good academic record. For Type 1 and 3, need to credit a social emergency situation. For Type 2, need to credit the level of disability and have their residence in Castilla y León.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.