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ICO Foundation - "The Architect is Present" Scholarships

General information on this scholarship

ICO Foundation
"The Architect is Present" Scholarships
Eligible countries: 
Germany, Norway, Australia, India, Paraguay

General Description

The ICO Foundation is offering 25 ICO Foundation Scholarships for China with the aim to provide professionals in Spain an approach to China on the linguistic and economic fields in order to enhance the relations between the two countries. The recipients will study Mandarin Chinese and subjects related to the economic and commercial reality of business in China, at the University of Pekin, the University of International Business and Economics or the Normal Beijing University. Eligibility is based on the academic record and the knowledge of the Mandarin Chinese language. Length: 9 months. Value: Tuition cost, accommodation expenses, EURO 2.00 for travel expenses, medical insurance policy, and EURO 4.400 for personal expenses.


Applicants must have the Spain nationality or from any other country with residence in Spain; being born after January 1, 1975; have a Bachelor degree preferably in Business Administration, Economic Sciences or International Trading; have a basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and proficiency in English; have 2 years of working experience in the same field of their degree.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: