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Fundación Universidad-Empresa(FUE)/Alcampo - GAIA-Alcampo Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Fundación Universidad-Empresa(FUE)/Alcampo
GAIA-Alcampo Scholarship

General Description

The Fundación Universidad-Empresa (FUE) and Alcampo are offering GAIA-Alcampo Scholarships aimed to the training in Market Responsible combining the stay of professional practices in the company (Alcampo) while conducting a Master’s programme in Professional Development at the University of Alcalá. Length: 12 months. Value: EURO 1.200 the first 6 months, and EURO 1.500 the last 6 months, plus an accident and medical insurance policy.


Applicants must have at the most 25 years and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Studies, Science and Food Technology, Law, Economics or Industrial Relations obtained in the last 4 years prior to this call; B2 level of English and/or French; must be willing to move to the place where the practice will take place.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: