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EOI (School of Industrial Organization) - "#eoiteayuda" Programme Scholarships

General information on this scholarship

EOI (School of Industrial Organization)
"#eoiteayuda" Programme Scholarships

General Description

The EOI (School of Industrial Organization) is presenting its “#eoiteayuda” Programme scholarships that offers 20 scholarships that will cover part of the tuition cost of different Master Programmes. Value: %50 of tuition costs of the following Masters Executive Online Programmes: Supply Chain, Business Administration, Telecommunication and IT, Renewable Energies, Agricultural Business Administration, Global Entrepreneurship, International Business Management, Craft Designers, Hospital Management and Lean Start-up, and the 25% of tuition cost of the masters in Quality Management and Business Excellence, MBA in Madrid or Online.


Applicants must be admitted in one of these programs.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: