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Autonomous Community of Navarra - Traineeships in the Navarran Employment Service

General information on this scholarship

Autonomous Community of Navarra
Traineeships in the Navarran Employment Service
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place of main residence: Autonomous Community of Navarra

General Description

The Autonomous Community of Navarra is offering 6 Traineeships in the Navarra Employment Service in different units: one (1) in the Promotion Service for Employment and Equal Opportunities, two (2) in the Training Service, two (2) in the Navarre’s Management Employment Service, one (1) in the Service of Technical and Administrative Assistance. Length: maximum 6 months. Value: Euro 900 per month.


Applicants must have the Spain nationality or from any other country of the European Union or from other country with residence in Spain at the time of the call, and residing at least one year in any municipality of the Community of Navarra; must have a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in different disciplines depending of the unit: Labour Relations, Engineering, Management Sciences, Journalism, Management and Finance or Sociology.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: