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University of Granada - Grants for Language Studies

General information on this scholarship

University of Granada
Grants for Language Studies

General Description

The University of Granada grants 270 scholarships for language training intended for students enrolled in Bachelor degrees. The purpose of the grant is to support students wishing to take exams to obtain a level B1 certificate for any of the following languages: English, French, German or Italian. The scholarship will amount to €735, of which €183,75 (25% of the total sum provided) will be awarded on condition that the student passes the language examination for which the scholarship is granted.


Applicants must be full-time Bachelor´s degree students of the University of Granada who have successfully completed at least 120 ECTS credits belonging to their degree programme. The household income of candidates must not exceed certain thresholds set by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: