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University of Jaén - Special Grants for Students Undergoing Social Hardship

General information on this scholarship

University of Jaén
Special Grants for Students Undergoing Social Hardship
Other limitation: 
Orphan/half orphan, son of divorced, sick or jobless parents, abused or mistreated applicant, economic need due to any natural catastrophe

General Description

The University of Jaén hands out special grants for students undergoing social hardship ranging from 700 – 1,200 €. The aim of the programme is to ease financial circumstances that hinder educational opportunities for students who have not been granted a scholarship through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Applicants must present all the required documentation before the due date, including their denied scholarship application.


Candidates must have completed more than 50% of enrolled credits if undertaking a Technical Course and more than 70% of their remaining courses or their last coursing year. By applying for a special grant, the University is given permission to receive relevant financial information from the tax department to determine if the family income status qualifies for this aid.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: