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University of Málaga - Social Emergency Grants

General information on this scholarship

University of Málaga
Social Emergency Grants
Other limitation: 
Orphan/half orphan, son of divorced, sick or jobless parents, abused or mistreated applicant, economic need due to any natural catastrophe

General Description

There are several reasons why a family may have economic difficulties, however, the University of Málaga is conscious about these problems, and that’s the reason why it helps those families by offering Emergency Grants. These grants will partially or completely cover the tuition of the students of the University of Málaga, and they can also be benefited by other things such as coupons that can be used in the cafeteria and temporal accommodation.


Students who to apply for these Emergency Grants have to be enrolled in the University of Málaga for a Degree, Diploma, B.A. or studying to become a Technical Engineer, Architect or Engineer. They have also to demonstrate they’ve suffered an extreme fall in the household income and why their income fall that much.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: