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Swedish Antiquarian Society  - Swedish Antiquarian Society 

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Swedish Antiquarian Society 
Swedish Antiquarian Society 

General Description

There are four different scholarships which are awarded by the Swedish Antiquarian Society.

The Hildebrand Scholarship is given to students studying archeology in Nordic countries and art history of the Middle Ages.

The Birger Nerman Scholarship is intended for students researching prehistoric, especially North European, archeology.

The Aron Andersson Scholarship is meant for students researching the culture history and art of the Middle Ages.

The Inga Serning Scholarship is directed for the research of Swedish metallurgy in the prehistoric and Middle Ages.

The amount that is applied for should not exceed 5,000 Swedish krona.


The Birger Nerman, Aron Andersson and Inga Serning Scholarships are primarily given to researchers under 35 years of age. Postgraduates will be considered before others.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: