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Loyola Andalucía University - Academic Excellence Award

General information on this scholarship

Loyola Andalucía University
Academic Excellence Award

General Description

The Loyola Andalucía University offers a scholarship with which all of the monthly payments are covered with a loan made by the University, that will become in a non-refundable one as soon as the student obtains the degree. If he abandon the career, however, he must pay all of the amount conceded. The institution grants taking care of the charges up to a maximum of 60 credits in simple degrees and up to 72 credits in double degrees. This scholarship has the purpose to award the academic excellence for the institution's students.


For those students who obtain a grade of 9 or higher on their "Selectividad" Access Tests, there will be scholarships for one out of each 12 students enrolled in the University, whereas for those who were enrolled in one the awarded careers of the institution in the former year, one scholarship ouit of each 20 students will be conceded. There will be no compatibility of this program with any other aid extended by the institution.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: