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University of Zaragoza - Grants for Bachelor and Master Students

General information on this scholarship

University of Zaragoza
Grants for Bachelor and Master Students

General Description

The University of Zaragoza extends scholarships with different type of aids for students of undergraduate, master's and doctor's degrees. The different helps are for the enrollment fees, free if they enroll for first time. An amount of up to € 600 for expenses related to the undergraduate and master studies, and another amount of up to € 600 for housing due to their living away from their families.


Besides of the obvious enrollment, strudents will have other additional requirements in order to apply for this aids. One of them is not to already hold any degree equivalent to the one pursuing in the career where they applied for the help (i.e.: not to hold a Master's Degree if they apply for aid in their Master's). The students should also have submitted an application in the scholarships call of the Ministry of the same year. If the student applying is not Spanish, and has not been born in any UE country or is not comprehended within the benefits of those, then he should prove the residency. They cannot be residents due to their studies or be in transit if they want to benefit from these aids.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: