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Ciuden-ULE Institute - Ciuden-ULE Institute Postgraduate Scholarships

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Ciuden-ULE Institute
Ciuden-ULE Institute Postgraduate Scholarships
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All countries are eligible

General Description

The Ciuden Institute and the University of León (ULE) are offering the 2 Ciuden Institute-ULE Institute Postgraduate Scholarships to carry out Graduate Program or Specialization Excellence or Research Visits at HEIs and Research Centres (Spanish or foreign). The programs of study or research to be conducted must be related to the areas of interest to the Energy City Foundation, preferably those related to the Capture, Transport and Storage of CO2. Eligibility is based upon academic record. Value: Scholarships may cover part or total tuition costs, a monthly stipend for accommodation and subsistence expenses, a travel bursary and an insurance policy.


Applicants should be master or doctorate students from the University of León, or graduates from thus university . Candidates must have the language proficiency needed in the Centre of destination.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: