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IE University - Ex Post Facto Dual Degree Scholarships

General information on this scholarship

IE University
Ex Post Facto Dual Degree Scholarships

General Description

IE University open calls for Ex Post Facto Dual Degree Scholarships. Theses grants covering up to 20% of the International MBA program (in the event of admissions) to the Dual Degrees below: 1) International MBA – Brown PRIME1 (Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship); 2) International MBA – Yale SOM – Master in Advanced Management; 3) International MBA– MIT Sloan.


The Scholarship Commission will evaluate admission process, academic records, professional background and proven financial-need. Applicants must be enrolled in the second program of Dual Degrees. Scholarship submissions have to be presented while the candidate is studying at IE.

A specific essay (to be written in the unloadable word document from the Financial Aid Online Scholarship Application Form) must be presented. It must to explain (250 words) why student want to continue with a second master after finishing IE's International MBA.

The scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other IE Foundation or IE partner sponsored scholarship.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply:
Before ending