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European University Miguel de Cervantes/Santander Universities - Sporting Excellence Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

European University Miguel de Cervantes/Santander Universities
Sporting Excellence Scholarship

General Description

The European University Miguel de Cervantes and Santander Universities are offering the Sporting Excellence Scholarship with the aim of promoting the continued sports practice of all students, participation in sports competitions representing the University integrating high performance athletes, while reconciling the realization of their sport activity with their academic training. Eligibility is based upon their sporting achievements and recognitions and academic record. Value: from 5% to 100% of tuition cost.


Applicants must be a high performance athlete; must be enrolled in the EUMC in any of their Bachelor’s programme; must be included the High Performance Athletes Project of the EUMC; and have an outstanding academic record.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: