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University of Barcelona - Grants for students undergoing unforeseen personal circumstances

General information on this scholarship

University of Barcelona
Grants for students undergoing unforeseen personal circumstances
Other limitation: 
personal circumstances unexpected such as unemployed the applicant and / or parents, or Death of Mother or Father or Serious illness

General Description

The University of Barcelona is offering Grants for students undergoing unforeseen personal circumstances understood as sudden personal situations that affect the economic conditions at the time the student must pay the tuition costs. The eligibility is based on economic need. Value: Full tuition costs.


Applicants must be enrolled in a first period of their undergraduate or master programme at the University of Barcelona; the call is open for all students, but for foreigner students the main source of the family income must have been working in Spain; have some of the following circumstances arisen that are measured in terms of the impact on the family finances: unemployed applicant and/or parents, compulsory retirement of parents, separation/divorce of the applicant or parents, death of the father or mother, serious illness of the applicant, the father, the mother or a first degree relative, eviction, or others that may be taken into account; Given the collaborative and supportive of the UB, to enjoy the grant being requested is considered a merit that the applicant be targeted to the Employment Service of Catalonia, participate in volunteer activities at UB, collaborate or partner is the UB Solidarity Foundation, or collaborate at the Bank while studying at the UB.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: