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CERN - Technical Student Programme

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Technical Student Programme
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General Description

A Technical Student Program is administered by the CERN laboratory. The point of the program is to provide on-the-job training to university undergraduates. The program provides 3284 Swiss Francs (currently about 2,700 Euro) per month, as well as a travel allowance. Students can stay at CERN from four to twelve months.


Undergraduates that have completed at least 18 months of study are welcome to apply. The area of study must be in one of the following: Applied physics, IT, mathematics, electrical, electronic, mechanical or civil engineering, instrumentation for accelerators and particle physics experiments, materials science, radiation protection, safety and environmental protection, science communication, surveying, ultra-high vacuum. Students may not apply if their area of study is theoretical or experimental particle physics. Students must be a national of a CERN member state, Romania, or Serbia or have been residing in a member state for the last five years. Applicants must know either English or French.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: