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Autonomous Community of Galicia - Predoctoral Support Fellowships

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Autonomous Community of Galicia
Predoctoral Support Fellowships
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General Description

Autonomous Community of Galicia has Predoctoral Support Fellowships. Two types of aid are available: general aid to support the predoctoral stage; and specific help to support the predoctoral stage within the Campus of International Excellence "Campus del Mar”. The duration of the grant is for a maximum of 3 years. Grant funding ranges from €19,000 to €22,000 a year, depending on the category of the grant.


Candidates must have a degree or diploma from a Spanish university with at least 300 credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) between undergraduate and graduate (of which at least 60 are of a master's degree); or 60 ECTS credits of a master's degree leading to PhD. Candidates from a foreign university who have the equivalent of a Masters degree will also be considered.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: