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University of La Coruña/Inditex - Inditex-UDC Predoctoral Travel Grants

General information on this scholarship

University of La Coruña/Inditex
Inditex-UDC Predoctoral Travel Grants

General Description

The Inditex-UDC Predoctoral Travel Grants is intended to facilitate researchers in training enrolled in a doctoral program offered by the UDC, who wish to stay in research centers abroad to undertake collaborative research. The minimum duration of stay is 3 months. The amount of the grant consists of a per diem stipend ranging from €26 for Latin America to €51 for the rest of the world. Additionally, travel expenses are also awarded ranging from €250 for cities with direct air link from Alvedro, to €1,500 for the rest of the world.


The researchers must be registered in a doctoral program at UDC. Applicants must be admitted to a collaborative research programme at an institution abroad or be hired under contract for a specific project.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.