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Autonomous Community of Navarra - Traineeship Grants for the Wine Industry Development Section

General information on this scholarship

Autonomous Community of Navarra
Traineeship Grants for the Wine Industry Development Section
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Place of main residence: Autonomous Community of Navarra, Spain

General Description

Autonomous Community of Navarra gives three traineeship grants for the wine industry developments section, for technical oenology. Scholarships will last up to 12 months and may be extended up to a maximum of three years. These are provided to 11216.64€ per year each, paid monthly 900euros, plus 34,42€ monthly, for social security.


Applicants should have more than 18 years, and to be Spanish or to have one nationality of European Union. Students have to reside in Navarra, at least a year before the date of the announcement.

It’s mandatory being in possession of a driving license.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: