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General information on this scholarship

European Commission
Erasmus Mundus Action 2: EMMAG Programme - Home
Eligible countries: 
France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic

General Description

The European Union offers the Erasmus Mundus Action 2: EMMAG Programme to support North African students interested in spending one or more semesters abroad in a partner university of the EMMAG consortium. Recipients will be awarded a monthly grant of up to 1500 euro for doctoral students and 1000 euro for bachelor and master´s degree students. Funding will be provided for a maximum of 18 months to doctoral students, 24 months for master´s degree and 9 months for bachelor´s degree students.


These grants are open to students of all disciplines registered at a university in the Algeria, Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia. Selection will be made on the basis of the academic excellence of applicants, the quality of their study and/or research project and their language skills. The vulnerability level and socio-economical status of the candidate will be also taken into account on certain circumstances. Applicants must be citizens of Algeria, Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: