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CIERA (Interdisciplinary Center for German Studies) - CIERA Mobility Grants

General information on this scholarship

CIERA (Interdisciplinary Center for German Studies)
CIERA Mobility Grants
Eligible countries: 
Germany, Switzerland, Austria

General Description

CIERA offers several Mobility Grants to a range of students. Doctorate students who are currently unfunded may receive €1300 for up to 6 months for a research stay. Doctorate students who already receive a grant can apply to have their research stay partially funded, receiving €650 for up to 4 months. Second year Masters students may be eligible to receive a one-off award of €650 for a research trip. First year Masters students can apply for €650 per month for 6 months to pay for an internship.


All candidates must be enrolled in a French university at the course level relevant to the scholarship they're applying for. Candidates must also be performing a placement in a German-speaking institution or company.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: