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Government of France-Institut Français de Finlande - KAKSIN Programme for Jointly Supervised Doctorates

General information on this scholarship

Government of France-Institut Français de Finlande
KAKSIN Programme for Jointly Supervised Doctorates
Eligible countries: 
France, Finland

General Description

The Government of France and the Institut français de Finlande offer many cooperation opportunities to PhD candidates and researchers of France and Finland. Through the KARSKIN program, PhD students have the opportunity to work with two thesis supervisors, one from France and one from Finland. After a successful thesis defense, the student’s PhD degree becomes valid in both France and Finland. The KARSKIN program’s primary goal is to promote research collaborations between the two countries by facilitating mobility for the students and their thesis supervisors. While an interdisciplinary approach is encouraged, all fields of study are welcome. Eligible candidates will receive a maximum sum of 1,500 euros to cover expenses related to travel and accommodations during the research project. Ideally, with this sum, the PhD candidate and the two thesis supervisors will travel at least one time to France or Finland during the project.


KARSKIN is open to all PhD candidates, irrespective of nationality. Candidate selection will be based on scientific expertise, the international scope of the research project, the desire to create new research and teaching opportunities as well as secure funding for them, candidate motivation, and the interest of the field of research for the development of French-Finnish cooperations.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: