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New University of Lisbon (Lisbon/Portugal) - The Lisbon MBA International - Rising Star Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

New University of Lisbon (Lisbon/Portugal)
The Lisbon MBA International - Rising Star Scholarship

General Description

The Lisbon MBA International is a full-time, 12-month program in business administration framed in an international environment, with a focus on both the academic component and interpersonal competencies that develop strong leaders. There are a number of scholarships available to help finance The Lisbon MBA International Program. This award may have a a value of up to 17,500 Euro, and multiple grants will be awarded every year.


These scholarships are available for admitted applicants only. Applicants must show financial need and academic merit. Furthermore, applicants may be up to 30 years old, must receive a salary lower than or equal to 17.000€/year. IRS/tax receipts of the last 3 years must be submitted at time of application.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: